Monday, January 10, 2011

Off the Table and Back on the Tables

2011 started with me spending a large amount of time on a table without cards. On January 7th I underwent heart surgery to correct what they thought was Supra-Ventricular-Tachycardia; to save a lengthy discussion, it turns out that I have Atrial Fibrillation and will have to undergo another surgery some time in the near future. While I think it would be applicable to go on life tilt, I'm doing my best to chalk it up as a karma credit and hit the poker tables full force.

I am a very big fan of setting goals, whether it be school, work, or poker. It gives me a path to where I would like to be rather than sporadically shooting at my dreams.If you haven't already read it, I will be taking the leap into playing full time in April of this year. I plan to diversify and specialize in my games more than ever, and to apply the multitude of knowledge which I hold.

Official Goals for 2011:
Have my heart finally fixed (whether it be through surgery or medication)
Travel to at least 2 foreign countries
Get back to school in the fall to keep working on my Physics degree
Get back into regularly trading on the stock market

Achieve SN status on Pokerstars
$30k total profit from all games in 2011

Venture into 18 & 180 man SNGs
Study and warm up before each session
Work my way into the $38-$60 games (18s and 45s)
25k in profit from 2011

Play more non turbo type games, especially on UB/AP
Get some hourly coaching for MTTs
Ship a 5k+ score

Play more rush 6max on FTP during down times.
Keep a reasonable BR for this.
2k+ profit

I've already got a jump on a few of these items, and I can't wait to check each one of these off this year.

GL in 2011 everyone.

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  1. You can do anything you set your mind 2 :D Good luck in 2011